Weakness After Delivery


CPlz ladies desi ghee is not the criteria of energy.start yr day wid a mixture of nuts as they hav proteins in them .soak in milk at night grind them in the mornin.cook on heat and 1 tsp ghee ka terka wid el Qaeda chi laga le.badam.pista.nakhanay.4maghaz.Vitamin D deficient!

bachy ki gas k for gas problem brick colic drops r the best

fresh fruits ,milk along with plenty of water and a balanced diet…also i know it must be hard for you with a little baby around but please find time for exercise,even if its just ten min in you own home….in addition to the obvious physical benefits,it also releases endorphins which elevates your mood and energises you… .also most importantly surround yourself with positive people (you can certainly get rid of a whole lot at this page  )…….and of course give yourself time,you’l bounce back IA….all the best and stay blessed……duas


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