Unwanted Hair on Face

Elimination of unwanted facial hair… Chery kay baloon ko khatam krna
How to get rid of unwanted hair on face…1. Every fifteen days after waxing facial hair from the roots to become weak.

2., Six to eight sessions take oxygen therapy or Blue Peel.

3. Multani soil, tree resin fence, cosmetic and make up sap paste mixed with rose. Now apply the paste on the face for half an hour and then rinse them with sap rose.


This is another easy way to get a handful muyscrazng milk or lotion vitamin equal to the size of a pea mix in cream and apply at night and in the morning wash the face at bedtime. Thirty days (one month) use it constantly.

It is home remedy, 4 facial hair removal , take 1 spoon hony , add 1/4 spoon lemon juice mix it well , and apply on upperlips and chin , after 15 minutes wash face with water, repeat it three times in a week , InshaaAllah u will find better results,

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