One of the best methods of upperlip hair removal is threading. Threading removes the tiniest and finest hair right from the root. Here�s how you can thread at home.

Getting rid of hair on the upperlip is extremely annoying. If you get it waxed, you need for it to grow a certain length before you can wax it again. If you get it threaded at the parlour, you wait until there is a slight green shadow before visiting the parlour again. Bleach isn�t very good for the skin and it leaves the hair lighter but not completely invisible. And hair removal cream doesn�t remove the hair from the root, causing hair to grow back thicker.

The best method of hair removal from the upperlip is threading. You don�t have to wait for hair to grow a certain length � threading removes the tiniest and finest hair right from the root. Tweezing does the same as well, but tweezing is more painful, more time consuming, and tends to leave in-growths.

If you have easy access to a parlour just across your home which charges Rs. 5 for upperlip threading, you can skip this article. But if not, here�s how you can remove upperlip hair at home, easily and quickly.

Take around 2 feet (24 inches) of thread length. Make sure you use a good quality, strong thread. There is no special thread for threading, you can use any thread as long as it is strong and doesn�t snap easily.

Take both ends and knot them up. You need to have a circle of thread. Although beauticians normally use thread straight from the reel keeping one end in their mouth and holding the other end, you don�t need to get so technical � especially because you will not be able to thread your own upperlip in this manner.

Now hold the thread with both hands, and wind it around ten times. The wound bit now lies in the center of the circle.

Now, place the thread around the fingers of both hands. Push the wound portion towards one hand by widening the fingers of one hand and simultaneously closing the fingers of the other hand.

Similarly, by opening the fingers of the closed hand and closing the fingers of the other hand, push the wound portion in the other direction.

Keep practicing pushing the wound portion back and forth. Once you are able to push back and forth easily, you can move on to the other step � practicing on a body part.

It is best to practice threading on your leg. Most people have a lot of hair on their legs and their legs are easily reachable. They don�t have to strain too much to look for hair or to reach it, and they don�t have to look in a mirror.

Sitting on your bed or on a chair, prop up one leg and identify the portion from which you want to remove hair. Place the thread on this portion. Let the wound part be one end of the hair, and the thread from the other side should be on both sides of the hair you want to remove. Now, move the wound portion to the other side, making sure that it catches the hair while moving. It will then lift the hair from the root as it moves back and forth.

You will need practice before you can manage. And if you know how to thread your upperlip yourself, you can run thread through it for a couple of minutes every other day so your upperlip is always completely free from hair. No more waiting for the hair to grow back before your next threading or waxing session at the parlour.

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