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  • Make your eyes whiter

    Make your eyes whiter

    The white portion of your eyes is known as the sclera. This is a wet, dense and slippery ball of muscle fibers, which generally seems white. This sclera plays an important role in non-verbal communication. This also changes the color and the appearance when a person is sick, and the signs of the disease are […]

  • 12 Korean beauty secrets for clear flawless skin

    12 Korean beauty secrets for clear flawless skin

    Top 12 Korean Beauty Secrets and Tips for Clear Flawless Skin ┬áKorean are very fond of looking great.They have such beautiful glow skin all the time. Here are some Korean beauty secrets that a reluctant homemaker had offered: Top Korean Skin Care Habits & Beauty Tips: 1. Use Honey for everything: Yes, they do. In […]

  • 5 tips timeless beauty

    5  tips timeless beauty

    ┬áThink about the timeless beauty of those who are evergreen. Would you like to get the same place? The timeless beauty tips are often passed on from mother to daughter.One must always take good care of his/her skin to stand the test of time.Here are some timeless beauty tips given below. # 1 You keep […]