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  • Make your eyes whiter

    Make your eyes whiter

    The white portion of your eyes is known as the sclera. This is a wet, dense and slippery ball of muscle fibers, which generally seems white. This sclera plays an important role in non-verbal communication. This also changes the color and the appearance when a person is sick, and the signs of the disease are […]

  • 10 Hush-Calm Beauty Tips and Tricks You Will Help to Look Less Tired

    10 Hush-Calm Beauty Tips and Tricks You Will Help to Look Less Tired

    Whatever the reason, work, a child or a full-night, we all have the desire that morning after the night, we could have squeezed into a couple of hours more sleep. When getting a little more sleep is not an option but you still have been up all night long, here are ten beauty tips and […]

  • How to apply eyeliner

    How to apply eyeliner
  • Eye liner types…. Some kinds of eye liners

    Eye liner types…. Some kinds of eye liners

    Classic eyeliner Pin-up eyeliner Smooth eyeliner Simple eyeliner Drama eyeliner Luxe eyeliner Feline eyeliner Egyptian eyeliner Bold eyeliner Everyday eyeliner Double eyeliner Basic eyeliner

  • Eye Makeup

    Eye Makeup

    Using an eyeshadow pencil… You should not draw the pencil across your eyelid as this could cause stretching of the skin. Instead, apply the color to the palm of your hand, then pick up some of the color with your pinky and apply gently to your eyelid. How To Match Eye Shadow With Your Eye […]

  • Complete Makeup Process

    Complete Makeup Process

    Makeup is an art and an artist must know what he/she wants in the end. You may choose for naturally beautiful look, bold and exotic nightclub look or a high-profile dinner party look, depending on the occasion and place, where you are heading. To look beautiful, you need to understand your face, your best facial […]

  • How to Do Smoky Eyes

    How to Do Smoky Eyes

    Our smoky eye instructions are simple and easy to follow and will show you exactly how to create smoky eye makeup in as little as 5 minutes. Blending is of course the key to perfect smoky eye makeup and you will need to ensure that your colors are blended correctly. Another smoky eye makeup tip […]

  • Eye make up

    Eye make up

    Every woman needs to know the secrets to applying eye make up. Our step by step applying eye make up guide will show you how to apply make up and make the most out of your eyes. Your eyes can make you look and feel spectacular but if you don’t know the secrets to applying […]