Skin Cleanser


Water is the best natural skin cleaner water .
Good cleaner water is best . , Which is not only refreshes your skin is free from the effects of bacterial . the appropriate amount of water to drink , it is healthy skin and other body organs is important in terms of performance . drinking enough water, the skin becomes dry and dull . , a normal person’s body , 35 it is 50 percent water . higher water intake in men than in women because their weight is . Infection travel -fighting cells in the blood and blood itself is composed of 23% water . then water  reduce the blood meal is added if the blood is thick . because the body needs adequate amounts of water .
Early in the night before going to sleep and then washed twice with water if your mouth stays fresh skin .
ten to twelve glasses of water throughout the day when both color and face are clean .
Surrounding skin ‘s layers are used to clean the water .
Prtn an open boil water then put your face over the steam from a distance it. , It will be open skin pores closed and all mail will be clean .
In summer, a few mint leaves in water before taking a bath or put a teaspoon vinegar is the best .

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