Skin Care in Summer Season… Garmi main jald ki hifazat


During the summer, it is very important to protect the face , especially when too much sun on the face if it gets spoiled the natural color of the face . Early in the summer , keeping the safety of the person should take some precautions . Such as the use of too much water , sun protection and excellent listening Beverly mirrored sun block for use , the use of a mask is useful for skin vitality . We invite you to different types of skin care techniques to mask out the your skin will definitely help .
Carrot Mask
Carrot juice for greasy skin with cool cotton and apply on the face three times a day , repeat the process color looks flourished .
Honey Mask
This mask is essentially painted onto the mask for a few drops of honey and lemon facial wrinkles: Apply thoroughly mixed . After 20 minutes put a cotton face to make clear skin tonic .
Egg Mask
Take a lemon sap found in egg white or stir well and apply on face , wash face after fifteen minutes . To soften dry skin, this mask is very useful .
Tomato Mask
Take out the pulp of the tomatoes thoroughly crushed , then mixed with a teaspoon of honey , mix well and then apply on the face . After 15 minutes , wash the skin for instant polish nothing more rewarding than that .
Clay for skin protection
And warm water wash with a good fee to clean your face . If you feel the need to apply oil -free moisturizer . Clear smooth skin , can be used to keep the Basin . This method is that it can take two teaspoons gram flour and turmeric sap add a few drops of lemon and apply on the face . Eliminating fat from the skin to keep the skin clean is an excellent and proven tip .
Lentigo idea to remove stains
Pure honey mixed in water, onion and salt stains off lentigo will meet .
To eliminate dandruff
Mash lentils and a little milk or water basin with equal weight for the mixed make . Apply to the face and hands of a few days would be over land .
 To remove face mark
Beauty lentil soup and a little water on the fire even more exciting . Apply this paste on the face to make for a few days to get over the mark .
To clean facial color
Grind almonds well and then get ready for the basin and milk together and meet face -to-face meeting a few days the color will be clear .

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