Simple tricks to look beautiful without apply makeup


Looking natural and beautiful is always in trend. Almost every girl spend many hours by putting so much make up on their face for looking natural and beautiful. To save this precious time here are some tricks that make you look natural and beautiful without using any expensive cosmetic product.

  1. Shape eyebrows

When you have no makeup on your face, everyone looks your eyebrows on your face. Change the color of your eyebrows by using dye or hennah. But make sure color of eyebrows and hair must match. If you haven’t thick eyebrows, apply castor oil on your eyebrows and you will notice the result in a few next days.

  1. Make eyes look good

To look beautiful, curl your eyelashes using eyelash curler. To make look lashes thick and fat apply transparent gel on eye lashes. You can also use ready-made eyelashes. Fade out your dark circles that make your look better without makeup. To fade out dark circle have a good diet, have proper sleep. You can also use eye cream to get rid of dark circles.

  1. Make teeth whiten

A beautiful smile make you look more beautiful than you think. Be sure that no thing stops you from looking good. Brush your teeth daily. Brush your teeth after coffee and tea. If your teeth are naturally yellow, then you can make them whiten and brighten by professional dentist.

  1. Make lips natural beautiful

Moisturize and exfoliate regular your lips in routine. You can use lip balm and other natural oil to make your lips soft and pretty. You can massage your lips with fingertips using grind sugar or you can use toothbrush to massage your lips once in a week.

  1. Don’t forget hair

Dull and rough long hair are not good for beautiful look. Dull hair color spoil your look. Make simple hair styles for looking beautiful without makeup. Have a stylish and latest haircut, it will give you good look and hair styles will be more attractive to others. Don’t forget to cut your split ends after every 6 to 8 weeks. It will make always give you a fresh and stylish look without makeup. Coconut oil is very good for your hair. It will give shine to your hair. Coconut fights against dryness and dandruff.

  1. Abstain from Sun

Ultraviolet radiations are harmful for youth and beauty. Ultravoilet radiations produce appearance of wrinkles and it also increase the process of aging. It can lead to skin cancer. If you have sensitive skin it is very dangerous for you. Use sunscreen with SPF not only in summer but whenever you go outside from home.

  1. Take care of skin

Professionals believe that you should wash your face at least twice in a day. Soap can be harsh for face skin. So always use a good facewash. Your face skin 5 times sensitive than whole body. You should more careful while using things on your face. You can use cleansing milk in the morning. Massage your face with light hands. Rubbing harshly and heavy can cause face skin damage. Wash your face before bed is necessary for healthy and glowing skin. Use mask (herbal, homemade, clay mask, etc) once in a week for beautiful skin without makeup.

  1. Get proper sleep

Proper sleep is good for your health as well as beauty. A 6-8 hour sleep is enough for you. 10am to 11am is best time to fall asleep. Keep your electronics (mobile, laptop, etc) away from you at least an hour ago to bed. Because light of electronics  stops the production of hormone “melatonin” which is necessary for your sleep and beauty. It also causes blindness for short time and it can change in dangerous disease.

  1. See what you eat

Watch out the food you eat daily. Because food you eat daily is directly connected with your health and beauty. If you eat more junk food, there is 70% chance that you can pimples on your skin and your skin will become dull and rough. The solution is to eat balanced food. Green vegies, fruits, fish, dry fruits are good for your health and look.

  1. See what you wear

Choose the right color for your clothes. Without makeup skin looks pale yellow. Choosing right color of clothes can be helpful to hide the flaws of your skin and looks beautiful without makeup. Choosing dark and cold color is not a good option for your skin to glow. And also white is not a good option to wear because you will more dark in white. Right thing is to find the right color according to your skin color. Pure bright colors like blue, peach can be a good choice to look beautiful without using a lot of cosmetics and products.

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