Scrunched Hair


Method 1

  1. Take a shower or make sure your hair is wet.
  2. Comb through your hair and make sure that is thoroughly combed.
  3. Towel dry your hair, but not completely. Your hair still needs to be damp.
  4. Take some gel or mousse ,use more if you have thick hair,and scrunch your hair in your hand while blow drying to solidify.

Method 2

  1. Take a shower or drench hair.
  2. Comb through hair.
  3. Towel-dry your hair, but make sure your hair is still damp.
  4. Put hair half up and straighten the bottom.
  5. Once bottom is straighten put the rest down and follow the rest of the steps in method one to scrunch.
  6. If you have bangs, do not straighten them! It looks cute!.
  7. You’re ready to go!

Method 3

  1. If your hair is curly you probably want to straighten it.
  2. Flip your head upside down.
  3. Take some strong hold mousse (about a hand full) and work it through your hair upwards toward your scalp.
  4. Now keep your head down and take some strong hold gel (about the same) and work it through your hair upwards toward your scalp.
  5. Keep doing that for about 2-3 minutes then flip your head up.
  6. then scrunch towards the top of your head until it is as you like. (you may also want to add a poof in the front. just secure with bobbie pins. then scrunch a little more.)
  7. Then spray all of your hair with extra strong hold hair spray. (don’t flip hair upside down)
  8. There you go! all done in a matter of 10 minutes.

Method 4
  1. Take a shower or dampen your hair.
  2. Run gel and mousse through your hair and put in an extremely messy bun.
  3. Pick at hair and curl loose strands with finger and spray with spray gel with finger tips while in messy bun.
  4. Spray massively with hair spray gel.
  5. Go to bed.
  6. When you wake up, spray your hair with gel and run real gel through it too. (No mouse, as it will make your hair flat.)
  7. Take bun out of hair and put poof in with bangs. (optional)
  8. Then you will have a crunchy, scrunched hair.
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