Moles and Warts:


Home Remedies for Moles and Warts:

Apple cidar vinegar juice is good for warts and any other skin problems.

Mix few drops of  apple cider vinegar and  normal water. Cleanse mole properly. Dry up the mole before you can apple cider vinegar. Dip a cotton small pad in vinegar and apply this on the moles. Leave the cotton swab all night. Continue  this treatment for one to two weeks.

Mix dissolving an aspirin in a drop of water. Apply on affected area and cover with plaster or band aid. Repeat this two times daily.

Use crushed garlic paste and apply of the effected area.

A red onion and mix with salt and apply on warts and moles. Rub this mixture on the warts and moles 3 times per day.

Mix few drops of castor oil and a pinch of baking soda. Apply the mixture on your skin and leave this overnight.

Take inside of the banana peel and rub on effected area.

Garlic, asparagus, citrus fruits, eggs and onions are effectively helps one to get rid of warts and moles.

2-3 drops of high grade Australian tea tree oil on mole daily.

Apply lemon juice directly on affected area. Leave this for 30 minutes and wash.

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