Moisturizing for the body

What is dietary equivalent of the moisturizing for the body?drinking lot of water,Try adding flax seed, salmon and walnuts to your diet to boost your omega-3 intake and moisturize your skin,spinach has plant compounds that — according to some research — help to keep your skin healthy, The antioxidants and other chemicals in the berries work to help your skin cells stave off damage

Drinking Plenty Of water daily
2-Eating fresh vegetables and fruits
3-Exercising regularly
4- taking milk regularly
5- use vaseline lotion

drink water, eat fresh food, avoid too much junk and oily food, eat fresh vegetables salad , wash face with water many times, use of sunblock, dont expose boy to sun, use of vaseline

Omega-3, use the whole vegetables , limit junk food and drink water.

12 to 16 glass of water and fresh juices+fruits+vegetables etc. because only drinking alot of water is not essential for our body we need to intake salts and minerals as well and we should also avoid junk and oily food

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