If you want long hair don’t cut it off. Do search and destroy it takes longer but it’s worth it.. if you want long hair. All you do it in strands take your hair and slide it through the pointer finger and over the middle finger while sliding it cut all the little hairs that stick up. Cut no more then 1 centimeter. .Flip the hair around to the other sides to repeat cutting of the splits under neith repeat this process through your entire hair starting at the neck line down…. . Avoid 2 inches above the ends. Once you are finished cut 1 centimeter off the ends only! If you do not know what a centimeter is …. it is only as long as this line. ——- that little line I wrote is one centimeter. .. you do not have to cut your hair more then th at much…. search and destroy can be done when ever you feel you need it. I do it every 3 month’s and if I do not need a trim at the very ends I do not do one. .. usually I just trim the ends every 6 month’s.

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