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Kaddu ke faidey in Urdu Benefits of Loki, Lauki, White Gourd, Doodhi sabzi, Kaddu, Ghia

Advantages of white Gourd, loki,
Pumpkins a useful vegetable
 Pumpkins are a vegetable that taste delicious and easy to digest , in effect , is to increase healthy eating and mental abilities . Pumpkins exhilarate heart , liver and nerve is a useful vegetable . Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) was very much like pumpkins . Like the scholar that meat and pumpkins from the pumpkin curry ate before picking up sticks . Hazrat Anas (RA) reported that a tailor invited the Prophet Muhammad dinner , I was with him . ‘s House who offered bread and broth . I had beef broth pumpkins . So I saw that you were out of picking up the pieces of pumpkin saw . From that day I began to like the pumpkins .
We usually contains protein foods like meat and milk , the higher is considered low , while vegetables and pulses . All foods are a precious gift and mynmktlf ajzaءpayy each group are used to balance the need for physical development . Vegetables a ” pumpkin ” is also well within the delightful holds immense healing power . Pumpkins body temperature is normal and is useful in fever . Besides dealing with such patients complain of pins and mucus pumpkins with a big black cumin and cardamom mixed use , they get rid of these complaints . Besides eating pumpkins in the summer of thirst is reduced . The acidity of the stomach is removed , and the brain is reinforced . Cooked on low heat pumpkin curry is a natural tonic that not only iron but also calcium , potassium , vitamins A and B occur . The proper amount of minerals in mineral and oil are present in the body to provide energy . For those who toil and labor pumpkins and gram lentil dish is perfect and nutritious as Ghada . Mixture of meat and spices not only significantly enhance its effectiveness but the taste is even better . Medicine of the Prophet peace be upon him has been more productive with meat consumption . Pulses like moong dal , which is considered harmless in vegetables such as pumpkins are considered harmless below a few tips that its efficacy can be assessed .

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