How to make shampoo. Shampoo home Remedies…


Beautiful long hair to achieve a variety of shampoos , oils and gels are used , but the result does not do anything . Reverse shampoo cause hair to spoil . Today we show you how to prepare at home, shampoo your hair only fraud that not only look , but also make thick and shiny are completely free from harmful effects .

You do not have to use expensive shampoo and  settings lotion if you can not afford so much at home and make the following prescriptions of herbal shampoo , etc. You can choose a little too .

( Rum shampoo) for land Sikri

Two eggs yolks tbsp linseed oil Mix two tablespoon rum Stir them well Apply to scalp and hair, let set for at least one hour for the end of this prescription Sikri and land .

( Egg shampoo) for hair health

 This recipe for hair health and beauty is the oldest . Eggs are rich in protein for them to take advantage of all the women are diligent .  two eggs yolks mix in a glass of hot water Stir thoroughly wetting the hair with water and lightly massage into scalp and hair remaining  the scalp may apply too much .

( Conditioning shampoo) long hair to create dense , intricate

No cheap shampoo , one or two spoons , one egg , and mix in gelatin powder and apply on hair. both eggs and gelatin powder and make hair dense and intricate have .

Tonic Shampoo

Dry ritha , shikaki and Amla , each 30 gram quantities take a liter of water into twenty-four hours remain and then boil boil then cool sieve or fine clothes In future, this shampoo to use it is ready .

( Herb shampoo) to make hair flexible and shiny

Dried olives and shikaki seed and 200 grams take them in cold water and put some iron pot one night benefit at least ten to twelve hours a wet stay next morning, 10 to 15 minutes to boil and then use as your shampoo.

To set hair lotion ( lemon juice)

Take one lemon juice hair after screening can be used to set this juice and lemon juice makes hair shiny gets dry very quickly . This recipe is a cut piece of lemon and half a cup and boil. then few drops add Alcoholically until the day is saved .

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