How to Do a Simple Cleanse


Cleansing the body is so important. We may clean our houses every week or every other week, but we forget about our bodies. They can detox themselves, but over time we develop more and more toxins from the environment. If we don’t eat organic, then we get all of the toxins from the pesticides and fertilizers from our fruits and vegetables. We also get hormones and antibiotics from the meat that we eat. So very important to eat organic fruits and vegetables and grass fed meats. You can get these foods cheaper through your local farmer.
Here is a simple cleanse you can do first thing in the morning. This will help detoxify your liver and lymphatic system. It also aids in digestion and absorption of fats.


  1. Measure 2 tbsp of olive oil and put in a glass.
  2. Take the fresh half lemon and sqeeze it into the glass.
  3. Stir and enjoy.

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