Toothache……… Dant ka dard


Home Remedies for Toothache – Immediate Pain Relief 

gargle with salt and warm water. Or… Mix salt, pepper and water to make a paste, then rub it on affected tooth. last… chop garlic clove and sprinkle w/ salt, then rub on affected area.

Monsters of mouth pain are very useful aspgul use. In this case the mix a teaspoon of yogurt be eaten on an empty stomach in the morning and after every meal, use one or two teaspoons of curd.

Note: If children complain of mouth that this medication does not bark to eat. So the Egyptian finely grind them into his mouth so the child eats and drinks well. Children’s symptoms would be willing to end

often are a reflection of your upset stomach are also very low, which causes blisters in the mouth are formed.
Pay attention to your digestion if taken If my steps to correct it immediately or it will not end until this condition shall not be valid until thrush. It is very useful to use aspgul peels, plus a lot of water also helps eliminate constipation

Throat gargle of vinegar to the sauce goes well

If the puck away from food relief is to keep living in the mouth.

Honey mixed with water to gargle the mouth and throat irritation bark is recovered.

Worse solution in water to gargle the mouth and tongue blisters go away. * Boil acacia investigation to gargle and mouth blisters are fine.
Fresh buttermilk drink without sugar thrush go away.

If the throat gargle with salt water is recovered .
Sonic sat down , hang up , then drink warm water opens sound .
If the throat a little turmeric to hot milk drink is recovered .
Sonic sat eating when ripe open pomegranate .
If Sonic sat up at night to eat roasted gram is open to the warm water .
If Sonic sat sucking piece of bark berry is open .
Raisins in ghee and honey thoroughly grinding together make majun keep it on the tongue . When turning on the tongue Crack It will be fine .
Cloves are placed in the mouth after sucking warm slightly swollen ends of the alley .
After dinner was ground black pepper mixed in ghee voice opens in lick is sitting .
Put into the mouth piece of sugar sitting sucking sound is opened up .
Garlic may well like grinding ointment , then put on a dress to make CROSS strip . Bead sore throat lump lump on her right is from leveling .
Disintegrate onion , cumin and salt Sandhu (Rock Salt) clears throat is mixed with food . Mucus wheezing ends . * Fresh buttermilk drink without sugar thrush go away . * Chewing basil leaves and basil leaves jusandy to gargle the mouth odor goes away .
Drinking green coriander , turning to me with all sorts of neck pain is over –

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