Mehndi… Henna tattoo.. Henna pattern…  Henna hair dye..henna for hair…
Advantage of henna…. Disadvantage of henna…
the plants flower twice in the years to come and the leaves never fall do not live a year . henna Prophet is Sunni . henna has many advantages . mention a few that come here .
The best remedy when you pick up the henna mixed with water gargle is made ​​, then recovered .
feet to prevent eye disease  be placed on the henna .
Do not worry if you  spots on body  The best remedy is henna .
jaundice disease steeper if the henna night and morning, sugar in the water and gave the patient the jaundice disease can be removed .
Fire burned henna is the best treatment .
If the heat headache by grinding henna  water . Eye cream around the sides  to happen.
henna paste in the mouth to eliminate blisters .
pillows under the patient’s mouth to address the patient ‘s skin and get good sleep .
henna with flower smell is fine headaches caused by heat .
spots if the head is the best treatment that will be applied henna mixed in olive oil .
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