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The fever of cinnamon and cinnamon capable of sanitizing is used for thousands of years . In countries with warm climate of the Middle arising cinnamon cold countries of the West, I buy the gold was sold , but is still of great importance , in addition to various items of food and drink it to relieve fever and swelling is described as very effective . Headache and tightness in the subcontinent for its warm waters lap grinding is frequently used . This oil has the ability to kill bacteria in the throat, the throat made ​​it into the paint is oil . Teas to cold is very effective . The equivalent of a teaspoon of tea powder in boiling water to cover for 20 minutes after the tail as much as the taste of honey should be mixed drink . Drink one to three cups a day it may be .

Use garlic sauce in the subcontinent can be considered a highly effective dietary treatment . Glands and a sore throat strike the old stale or dry for a morsel of bread with the garlic , green or red pepper , a two casinos with salt stress were fed good chewing out the mucus is abundant and throat and glads the swelling is reduced . garlic United States and Europe, but pain in the teeth plague  and was considered useful for Lepers . Garlic for a cold flu and cough were fed to the grinding got killed . Today, scientists are still singing ability of garlic . Hundreds effective component in a bud of garlic sulfur compounds are present and this is precisely what Sen. cause its particular smell .
Effective Natural Antibiotics and anti- flu germs being four to eight buds of garlic daily raw food is very useful . If you do not stand mild stomach or fry mix in the cheese should not eat . Ten minutes before eating garlic finely nibbled tend to give up its properties in the syrup .


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