Hair Straightening


Tips and Home Remedies for Hair Straightening:

Egg + milk mix apply on hair for 10 minutes then wash.

Milk and Honey:
Honey + Milk mix and apply on hair for 2 hours then wash.

Apply milk on hair then use wide tooth comb for 20 minutes, wash after dry.

Coconut or Olive oil or Castor oil:
Warm coconut or olive or castor oil on hair massage on scalp then shampoo.

Egg White and Rice Flour Mask:
Mix egg white + rice flour and apply on hair for hour then wash.

Banana Mask:
Banana + Youurt + honey + olive oil + egg white mix and apply on hair for 30 minutes.Aloe Vera Gel Mask:
Mix warm oil (olive + coconut + and castor) in  half cup of aloe Vera gel. Then apply on hair for 1 and 2 hours then wash.

Olive oil with Egg:
Mix them together and apply on hair for one hour then wash.
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