Hair on Face…. Unwanted Hair


hair on face

 mix chick pea pwd with milk n make a paste of it … she always used this as a scrub during bathing me. Which has resulted in my skin being so soft n smooth at this age too…so plz do try this scrub for for girls… the paste shud be a bit thick at the time of application as the body is wet n that will dilute the paste to a cartain ext.For those who wanna know what is chick pea powder its called ” safaid channy ka ata”

i use to massage him with “channe ka atta” in which pour some milk make a viscous paste and massage slowly…it will not harm baby but take away un used hairs.

Ek pao extra virgin oliv oil me 10 gram qastesheereen 2 mint tk paka lein thnda ho jae to safe kr lo..malish ya masag kro..khud b n dauter ko n benificial
Take some aata and make paste .apply on areas with hair till dry . takes time but works

Oatmeal, Honey and lemon Juice mix and apply unwanted hair. After 30 minutes rub in circular motion. Do this 2 3 times in a week

fenugreek powder and green gram powder in equal part mix in water and make paste and apply on hair. After dry rub softly and wash.

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