Glowing Skin Secrets

6 tips for beautiful glowing skin!


Glowing skin secrets and tips are really simple if you just follow these 6 Tips:

1. The Right Exfoliation

The foundation of clear, smooth, glowing skin = the proper exfoliation.

Without it, all the other tips are useless!

By removing the top layer of dull dead skin cells you:

  • Refine your skins surface for the healthy glowing skin underneath
  • Increase cell turnover to improve the health, strength and clarity of your skin and lighten skin tone
  • Stimulate collagen to improve suppleness and smoothness
  • Serums and hydration products will be able to contact the new cells – instead of sitting “on top” of a layer of un-exfoliated dead skin!

The best exfoliation for glowing skin is chemical exfoliation – glycolic acid is effective, potent, and easy.


2. Vitamin C

One of the most important glowing skin secrets – Vitamin C gives you an instant glow and improves skin brightness over time.

This is a scientifically proven ingredient. It is great for lightening pigment, delivers a powerful amount of antioxidants, and stimulates collagen.

Because it is active, it is also notoriously unstable – so some Vitamin C products are actually nothing but expensive creams or oils.

Vitamin C

3. Your Nightly Routine

A nightly DIY oil massage is two-fold for glowing skin:

FIRST – The massage action stimulates circulation, drains lymph and water retention (excellent for tightening facial contours!) and relaxes you which helps your skin glow.

SECOND – Using a beautiful oil adds nourishment and hydration, as well as serious extra benefits depending on the oil you choose.

Two great choices:

  • Vitamin E Oil
  • Pure Sweet Almond Oil
Night Massage


4. Sleep – Beyond the Eight Hours

Quality of sleep matters. Six hours of deep restful sleep is far better than nine hours of tossing and turning.


Your sleep position really matters for your skin!

Sleeping on your stomach can scrunch your face and puts pressure on your neck. This then results in tighter face muscles, sagging skin, blocked circulation…. all factors you want to avoid for glowing skin.

As hard as it is, try to break the stomach-sleeping habit!



5. Vaseline

This isn’t really a secret – it is just often overlooked because it so simple and not marketed as an expensive makeup or skin care “miracle”.

Top glowing skin product : Vaseline – here’s why:

One of Vaseline’s best uses is its ability to give your skin an instant healthy glow. Pat it over top of your moisturizer or makeup for sexy not-too shiny skin.

It is also a skin protectant. Add a layer to your skin overnight and you will wake up glowing.

Trust me, it is that easy!


6. Food

This may be the biggest glowing skin secretWhy?
Because most skin diet “advice” talks about fruit and vegetables.

But arguably the number one most important “diet tip” for getting glowing skin is to make sure you are eating adequate protein!

  • Protein keeps your blood sugar levels steady which reduces cravings and inflammation
  • Protein is the building block for everything – including skin!
  • Protein is satiating, so you are less likely to fill up on other stuff – like too many refined carbs. This means less water retention  (Seriously, if you want tighter skin increase your  protein intake and see what happens within a few days!)

Eat all the fruit and veges you want, but without the right amount of lean protein you won’t see the dramatic improvement in your skin that is actually possible through diet.


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