Get Skin Free of Tiny Pimples



In summer, its common to have tiny pimples on face which is not good for your overall look. These tiny pimples can’t be get rid from using ordinary products. These tine pimples  left many  spots on your skin that is another a big problem.  Here is a simple and effective way to get rid from these tiny pimples. This tip not only help you to get rid these pimples but also it will make your skin fair. To make this you need:

  1. A small piece of cucumber
  2. Aloe vera gel(2 tbsp)

All  you need to do is to take a small piece of cucumber, peel and make small cubes of cucumber. Blend these cubes in blender. Do not add water or other thing just cucumber. After blending you will get a thick paste. Pour this paste in a small cup. Add 2 tbsp of aloe vera gel in it. Mix well both ingredient. Apply this on your face by using your fingers and do lightly massage. Leave it for 20 minutes on your face. When time done wash your face well with lukewarm water. After doing this you will notice your skin fresh and pimples free. Your skin will be glowing and radiant and your complexion will improve.

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