Baking soda~ olive oil~ or coconut oil remedy for younger feeling, and looking skin..

~~ note: never use soap on your face!! do not let it touch your face ever, it is bad!!!..

You will need baking soda that is coarse, the one you put in your fridge to absorb bad smells is fine. It CAN NOT be baking powder. Each night before bed while in the shower pour the baking soda into your hand and rub it firmly on your face, neck behind ears and chest, avoiding eyes and your lips. Scrub for 4-5 minutes or less, when you wash it off it will burn and tingle, that is how you know you did it right. You will be getting off all the layers dead skin, allowing your pours to open, fine lines and deep wrinkles will began fading day by day. This will also increase blood flow, which increases elasticity in the skin, making it tighter and younger…. when you scrub with the baking soda look at your used powder it will be dirty brownish looking from all your dead skin! lol, ok….


Immediately after the shower rub organic raw coco nut oil or extra virgin olive oil in a green glass bottle onto your face with either a cotton swab, make up cleaning pads ( my prefrence) or a paper towel (for dudes)…. this will clean off anything you missed in the shower.

Clean your eyes, lips entire face, neck and chest, then wipe it off one more time check your cotten swab pad or paper towel to see if it is free of dirt….. after this if it’s free of dirt finally, just add a thick layer of organic raw coco nut oil or extra virgin olive oil in a green glass bottle onto your face lighter on the eye areas because it will give you eye burgers if you put too much lol!!! then go to sleep…


Doing this everyday will continue to rid you of dead skin making your face realize it needs to keep up with the damage and micro cuts and produce new cells each night while you sleep. This will also rid you of break outs for many people… you have to restore the Ph BALANCE with a natural oil, or your skin will go through some major pealing just like a mini facial peal which i will teach you how to do later on……




Ingrediants needed

(lime/ lemon

(baking soda,



What your going to need to do is make a paste.

*In a cereal bowl add a good amount of your baking soda.

* Add in two limes or one whole lemon juice.

* Add tap water or distilled water mix them all together and make a thick paste


How to~

apply your mixture on your face scrubing it gently in for around a minute or 2

then apply the rest of your paste to your face avoiding eyes and lips, let this sit intil it is dry then wash it off with luke warm water.. do this 3 days in a row….


NOTE~ Your face will burn doing this, it will become red, inflamed, and will begin to micro peal, flake, and then flake in larger ugly will feel and become very dry as a facial peal would… I advise not to do this if you have to work that week, or wear facial powder only like i do, because it is highly noticable your face is dry and pealing…. when your face is overly pealing or feels dry you can restore your PH balence by applying apple cider vinigar, and be sure to use, and to protect your eyes, and lips expecially and all night with a natural oil like coco nut, or olive oil… this also will rid pimples but if the skins oil balence is not restored more could come…un likely but it has happened to me 2 weeks after..

just stick with the olive oil directly put it on after a shower and it sould be perfect.


Just add alot more lime or lemon, even asprin….

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