Ok so there are many forms of acne, from backheads-to white heads to -pimples-to cists many many types…

here is some common things that you have around that will get rid of them.


(benzoyl peroxide 10%

(peroxide normal



(baking soda

(tooth paste

(neosporm (in some cases)

(extra virgin olive oil dark green bottle is my favorite

(coconut oil organic raw

(sylic acid~ but it only will make your skin thinner by chemically exfoliating it.. allowing it to breathe is good when washing your face in the shower while the pours are open


It is best to fight acne at night before bed, so your face has all night to heal…

Acne is formed because oxygen is not getting into the pours, causing sebum glands to produce extra oils which clogs the pours… it could be because of genitics as well.. but it can be stopped… the only way to cure acne is with air. Acne bacteria can not survive in air…

If your face is too oily that really means it is too dry.. a nightly application of olive oil or coconut oil will stop this… fight oil with oil… make sure your face is clean and dirt free!! and apply the oil before you go to sleep, if you break out more during the first week that is good. Actually it means your face is clearing up.

Anything that you try which does not show fantastic results after a month is not for you….


Asprin- dab it on the pimple leave it on while you go to sleep. That will dry the pimple out a lot by morning, same with a dab of lime lemon, baking soda benzoyl peroxide, tooth paste

Black heads- scrub the hell out of your face with a rough sponge, then seal the pours with a natural oil listed above…

Cists- take longer because they go all the way to the blood stream feeding and growing from the bloods nutrients… but olive oil will heal them over time..


The most important thing you need to do is get rid of all that dead skin by

exfoliating!!! do my remedy below for wrinkles with baking soda and extra virgin olive oil every day!!! and do touch ups just apply your form of pimple aid over the olive oil on the pimple if you need further help let me know i will help you reach your goals 🙂 acne is a hard thing to live with it is a medical condition, it actually destroys lives and confidence…. been there done that lol!!! but i found the cure, tricks that can solve the worst forms of acne…..



Slab some Elmers glue ( NON TOXIC childrens paper glue) over your nose and pours (a slightly thick layer) let it dry and peal it off IN THE DIRECTION OF THE POURS DOWN you’ll be amazed and disgusted by what you find…. also if you put it over unwanted facial hair like a mini mustash or fuzzy beard it will remove the hairs and the gunk out of the pours too 🙂 your eyes will water be brave and remember like my grama always said ”IT HURTS TO BE BEAUTIFUL”

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