Take a little bit of unboiled milk (specially top layer of thick milk before boiling) add few drops of lemon in it. Then apply in a circular motion. leave it for 10 min then wash. Adopt it for everyday.
try grinded almond in milk n honey.make the paste n apply it every night
take almonds ( remove the read peal by soaking thm in hot water then dry them in sun 4 abt 2 to 3 hrs) and poppy seeds , make a pwder in grinder , when u r using it take a tea spoon full add it to milk and apply it to ur effected part 4 5 minits like a scrub daily, ratio is 5 almonds to 1 tea spoon of poppy seeds
take besan, balai ,honey nd glycerine …make paste nd apply on face 15 mints regularly
Stillman freckle cream

Apply Vitamin E Oil on spots and leave it all over night and next morning wash with fresh water.

Apply Vitamin E oil on Brown Spots.

Eat Vitamin C tablets daily.

Apply Lemon Juice on brown Spots and leave it for 20 mints and wash with simple water.

Massage of Lemon juice on spots.

Mix suger in lemon juice and apply on face of 30 minutes then wash.

Honey + Lemon juice is best for brown spots.

Apply Pineapple juice on brown spots and wash.

Apply Lemon juice + yogurt on spots, after dry wash.

Apply sour milk on brown spots.

Apply castor oil directly on spots.

Use Aloe Vera for this purpose.

Apply potato on brown spots.

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