Face Masks for Normal Skin



2 tsp of fresh Aloe Vera juice, add 2 tsp of honey and ½ tsp of rose water mix and apply to your face for not more than 20 min. Wash this first with warm and then cold water. : twice a week for 2 months.

Egg Mask
Egg White + lemon juice mix these ingredients and apply on face and neck for 30 minutes, then wash with cold water.Do once in a week.

2 tsp honey + 1 tsp olive oil and do light warm that your skin can bear and apply on your face for 20 minutes and wash your face.

Mash banana + 1 tsp yogurt + 1 tsp honey mix and apply on your face for 15 to 20 minutes and wash with cold water.

1 tsp yogurt adds a little bit of orange juice and apply over the face for 5 minutes. Wash this with water

use warm melting chocolate and a pinch of salt and sugar for my face mask. You see the result after 20 min.

sliced cucumber rubbed on de face.

tomato n lemon juice is excellent for lighten up ur face or body color.

u can use oatmeal with condense milk,,,its good for whitening face,,,leave it 30mins on ur face then rinse ,,

Take cotton ball and dip in milk then massage with cotton on face 15 to 20 minutes after that wash your face with water.

Apply Egg white on face then wash with water.

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