Exercise and fitness secrets


Exercise and fitness secrets

Usually people who start exercise programs to follow are passionate and rinse themselves physically very active .the exercise will be totally contrite . exercise physiology , an expert says James M. rip cars new workout should follow a few guidelines which only he can stay fit and exercise program you can also continue on a permanent basis . These guidelines are not only rational but also recommends research .

Get doctor ‘s consent

I recently started exercising or have taken a long time the routine is good in both cases, the doctor will make regular inspections . Slow and it is important for people who stay at any time of any exercise full supervision Please let your doctor before starting so you have a valid issue, the doctor and the appropriate precautions and exercise intensity to determine the period .

Turn your body before exercise

Of any kind properly warm up before exercising the body must warm up . Physical flexibility is equally important to health as exercise that aerobook and nutritious . Most aerobook exercises all the muscles of the body are not born , thus resulting in flexibility and strengthening exercises may Unbalanced the probability of physical harm and discomfort is created . Therefore, at least five minutes before exercise movements flexibility and snacks romp through the body from head to toe all the muscles up and hot ( warm- up) should be .

Similarly, let loose the body after exercise and exercise must gradually decrease . After exercise , when body temperature is lower then the body after exercise , muscle strengthening and muscle strength in attracting potential harm comes to the future can be saved . Normal exercitationis steps decrement should be determined by the exercise at the end should make physical activity decreased gradually returns to normal heart and other Traditional Witches easier .

Moderation is wisdom

Duration and intensity of exercise should be in moderation . During exercise, your body deserves a break . Continuous and prolonged exercise can do more harm than good . Required to gain a better position to protect themselves from overwhelming fatigue that is attachable exercise will leave one day .

Do not exercise so much that you become completely breath and exhausted . After exercise ” can discuss ” The test is a good measure of whether or not you exercise with moderation . After a moderate workout you should be able to readily tell you that it is not necessary to be able to speak fluently . Participating in competitions burn more calories exercising but it may be useful and necessary for the rape muscle spasm , shoulder pain , swelling in the legs , to the elbows could face extraordinary stress and back pain . During exercise if you feel any pain or discomfort , reduce or eliminate exercise , but it should be considered a very natural thing spasm and pain .

Moderate exercise is also important to keep an eye on the speed of the heart . It benefits you can imagine the intensity of your exercise . By pulse count rate in every ten seconds and multiply that number by six to get the number of beats in a minute . Budding i.e if you ‘re new to exercise , then the exercise at the beginning heart of the maximum speed up to 60 percent . Then you can gradually 70 to 85 percent .

If you want to reduce body weight from 30 minutes to an hour workout speed heart rate maximum should be increased from 50 to 70 percent more calories can be burned .

Appropriate clothing for exercise

In warm weather , choose a dress in which you can enter the air easily . Exercise such garments that help to adjust to the environment . In cold weather, wear clothes that you wear such a dress, top off as needed or can wear more . Exercise is also important to choose appropriate shoes because your feet in any type of exercise is very basic role .

Please arrange suitable diet

During exercise program is not wise to neglect their eating habits . Many people mix in plenty protien ( complex carbohydrates ) do not use the exercises are very important for investors , however, should be careful in the use of fat daily . protien fat calories than the same amount has doubled . Such a reduction in saturated fat also prevents cholesterol .

For good health, exercise ( jogging , cycling , etc. ) as well as adequate food , lots of rest , the body soft and loose left over water use are very important . Moreover bad habits like taking up smoking and without bsyar good health and fitness can not be achieved .

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