Effective Ways to Remove Acne


Effective Ways to Remove Acne

Want to get rid of acne soon? Here are solutions which effectively remove acne. Acne destroys your overall look as it attracts the attention of the observer and give others a bad impression of yourself. Mostly people press them or use chemical products which don’t cure acne and give you side effects.

Acne can be caused by germs, people don’t take care of their skin get acne. It may be due to hormonal balance. It’s most like to see in teenagers. People who use steam to get rid of acne are actually the one who will get them again and again. By using steam you pore of skin will open and there are more chance that due to dust etc they will get acne again and again.

Some tested and verified ways to get rid of acne are here.

  • Toothpaste is an effective home remedy to remove acne fast. Apply white toothpaste on acne at night before going to sleep and in the morning wash it. In 2 or 3 days you will notice the result.
  • Massage ice cube on acne for 5 minute two times a day.
  • Peel off Garlic clove and cut it in the middle and massage this on acne. make sure its juice cover the acne. cut again when the juice ends. This will remove acne in no time.
  • Cucumber is also effective to remove acne. Massage cucumber for 5 minutes twice in a days.
  • Lemon helps to remove acne and vanish his marks. Massage lemon juice for 10 minutes daily.


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