Bridal Makeup Tips and Tricks

For getting ready for your big day and you don’t know what to do. Don’t worry today I will tell you how to get do bridal makeup and what you need for this. I will explain this to you in a simple and understandable way that will easy for you to understand.
1. First of all make sure you clean your skin should be clean before makeup. You can use cleansing milk of your choice to clean your skin.
2. When you apply base or foundation make sure that it match with your skin tone. Apply base or foundation on your face, neck and arms. Because only white face is not look good.
3. When doing contouring or blushing, you or your beautician, make sure that it will be done according to your face shape. If your face is healthy, it should be look slimmer. But if your face is already slim then it should not be over slim.
4. If your nose is fat then contour well to look it slim. But if your nose is slim then don’t contour it will look worse.
5. For wedding day, use color combination like golden and black, skin and maroon. For reception use combination of soft colors and smokey touch.
6. Your eyebrows should not be too thin or too fat. It should be medium. Do this according to your shape.
7. Main thing is that if you are using dress color or dark color in eye shades then be sure that you lipstick color should be soft. If you are going to use dark lipstick color then use soft eye shade color and give a smokey touch.

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