Dry Skin Care….

Dry skin.
The lack of moisture in the skin and fat , which is not normal skin color , washed and looked and looked stays , weather effects such as skin worse , heat , lack of moisture and decreased fat in winter , such as the effect of aging on the skin appears .
Dry skin care .
Face two to three times during the day, well cleaning , soap for washing face instead , use flour or basin natural resources .
Face from sun’s rays ultra violate  Save umbrella while going out in the sun for that use .
Do not dark makeup , dark make-up , turns off the skin , the skin does not get out of the sweat well and not getting oxygen to the skin .
For the freshness of the skin should definitely wash once a week .
Vitamins A, B , C, D , etc. Use -rich diet .
Prescription for dry skin .
Well with a strong banana file , and it can mix a teaspoon of honey , now when you slowly massage from bottom to top by sprinkling it on the face and neck , after ten minutes of mineral water stay clean face and neck , banana vitamins , a, B, C , C , calcium  , phosphorus, copper , iron , etc. , there are large elements revealed , thoroughly clean the skin , and skin and soft stretchy create by providing grease , honey , there elements tend to reinforce the skin .
Whether a tomato grater , one teaspoon cream Mix it well and whipped Apply to the entire face , the face with warm water after ten minutes wiping yourself tomato vitamins , A, C ,calcium , phosphorus , iron or elements are present , the P pin- theater element found in tomatoes helps eliminate free ykls Red , cream , soft and beautiful skin moisturizer  feature makes this recipe used twice a week can do .
Four mature pear pulp spoon , one egg yolk , half a teaspoon of honey , mix well and both of them should face , dry thoroughly with water to clean yourself of dead skin cells, remove the egg yolk , and skin provides nutrition , pears and honey -rich diet by dry skin clean , elegant and create soft .
Two teaspoons sugar beets, paste, mix well and apply on the face, after ten minutes and wash the face with water, sugar beets calcium enough vitamins A, C, etc.

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