Dry Chapped and Dark Lips

Home Remedies for Dry Chapped and Dark Lips:
Use petroleum jelly or lip balm,
Lip balm or moisturizer first apply on lips then apply lip stick or lip color.
Glycerin + honey apply on lips.
Castor oil is good for dry lips.
Dip rose petals in milk and leave this for all night, then mix and apply on your lips.
Castor oil + glycerin apply on your lips.
Rose petals + glycerin.
You can also apply milk cream on your lips.
Fresh aloe vera apply on lips daily.
Use Vitamin A in your diet.
Apply Honey on dry lips.
Coconut oi is good for dry lips.

The most sensitive part of the body lip . Internal systems of the body and its effect if any error first appears on the lips .  disease lip color changes the color of the lips , first Black becomes . temporarily lips by makeup can hide the errors , but the long-term safety is very important for beauty .

If your lips are thick alum and her weights met glasrien  tax if we are thin lips . , This process is only a few days .
manipulation language of the lips lips often become black .
together by applying a few drops of lemon honey lip stains spots are eliminated .
Using raw cow’s milk  lips are pink .
greater use of fresh water to keep lips fresh .
Using the cut pieces of sugar beat  lips are reddish .

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