Dermatitis, eczema and skin Problems


Dermatitis, eczema. .. the incurable skin disease. .. I have chronic eczema… well I did.. I had it so bad my skin started falling off, I was always so itchy I’d have to put winter gloves on so I wouldn’t scratch my skin off..even when I was asleep. .. 3 years went by with this… I lost all the skin on my inner legs, my wrists my lower back my skin was killing me and weaping ALOT of liquid, it hurt and was so itchy . I’d been to every doctor all the dermatologists they’d pr…escribe me, creams, pills, steroids, everything under the sun.. nothing worked… my meat of my body was showing it was so bad. Which is when I began studying remedies. To control and cure dermatitis and eczema. . You can not take long hot showers or baths. Do not use soap it will dry out your skin. And when you do use soap, Use only a little. Don’t let your shampoo touch your body. Immidently after the shower you MUST seal your skin closed so it doesn’t let any moisture out of the skin. So you have to put a good vitamin packed lotion on and add a tbs of olive oil to your lotion …..put it on (while you are still damp) all over your body every single time you shower and for the first couple months of doing this every morning also… sealing the skin closed is very important like I said you must be damp while you apply a good lotion from neck down. People like me have very very dry skin. …. fininally I cured myself for 5 years now I have been free of eczema. And dermatitis. My skin is clear . I still use my lotion to this day, Plus even if you cure your eczema the lotion keeps your body younger longer…. Eczema is hard to live with but you can control it 100 percent

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