Dark Circle


Use of vitamin C and iron.

Massage of almond oil on dark circle.

Take a cotton ball deep in rose water and use cotton balls on dark circle.

Turmeric powder and pineapple juice mix make paste and use for dark circle.

Potato and cucumber juices. deep cotton and put on your eyelids for 20 minutes.

Fresh mint leaves and add a few drops of lime juice make paste and apply on dark circle for 15 minutes.

Use cucumber slice.

Almond oil and honey mix and apply on dark circle at night time. 

If anyone has dark circle what are the suggestion for her?

Make sure she eats fruits b vegetables ….

But if dark circles are in your family facial cut u can’t reduce it …. but if only she has it ..also check her complete blood count may be she have hemoglobin deficiency
dear please make sure she will have sleep properly n drink lost of water….use any moisturizer around the eye
Use olive oil or petroleum jelly massage around eyes round n round before going to bed
Don’t let her use phone/tablets/computer etc too much. And also television.
may be she has vitamin D or iron deficiency ..
Make sure she sleep well sometime lake of sleepless may cause this
Also keep a check on her eye sight
Put used tea bags of black tea ( when cold) on her eyes for 5 minutes. Hopefully her dark circles will remove INSHAALLAH
use roughness almond under eye..and concentrate on her diet
Give hr milk n fruits lots of water,dont let her to sleep late st night,,,
Its cause of iron and calcium deficiency.give her milk fruit and sleep properly.
By grinding the potatoes in thin cloth bag Make it lightly under the eyes by seeing , potatoes , there is bound enzyme removes dark circles , it can use the regular version .
Sap rose bowl , mix well and do a tablespoon cucumber juice , her eyes with a piece of cotton under the box , found in the sap rose and cucumber calcium bound elements , fasurs , iron , magnesium , vitamin C , vitamin E, etc. , elements are able to remove dark circles , and give the skin nutrition and create beautiful eyes .
A spoon cucumber juice , four drop of honey , four drops of potato juice , four drops of almond oil mix them all well , with a piece of cotton apply eye dark circles , dark circles , this recipe is very useful for quenched , cucumber , honey , potatoes , and dark circle removing elements found in almonds do .
 Sniffing fine soft mint leaves , dark eye circle Apply this paste , mint leaves, high amounts of calcium , phosphorus , iron , vitamin A, there are elements of that daily use Version Dark Circle Problem ends .
Almond milk should taken upon the night , get up in the morning sniffing almonds , sprinkling her eyes on dark circles , Wipe dry when washed with water , almond protein , vitamins , mineral elements , calcium , magnesium, iron , etc farsfurs world. amounts are found , the skin was cleaned with bleach black pins are , prescription daily use does not cause dark circles problem .
 Cucumbers and inserting coat the foam comes out . Then foam dark circles are separated , the foam of the enzyme which is found all round the black pins .
Basil leaves under the eyes should grind well , fifteen minutes later Wipe with cold water , basil leaves , there are elements that are helpful to remove dark circles , you can use it regularly .
 spoon a drop of tomato juice and lemon juice together in a two- Dark Circle box , ten minutes later Wipe with cold water , tomatoes and lemon vitamins A, C , M , phosphorus , iron , etc. , there are elements , found in tomatoes free Radicals remove the P pin- theater element that makes the skin glow , remove black pin , it can use the formula daily .
 Half a teaspoon of honey mixed with the juice of two oranges and three drop box on dark circles , make clear the water after ten minutes , found in honey and oranges help to do Elements for Reducing dark circles , and skin are clean this recipe daily use , can be mixed lemon juice oranges to do .

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