Dandruff… sar ki khushiki….


never to wash hair with hot water,cold water is thhe best, oil maximum, Sesame oil is the best, add few drops of vinegar in water and massage it then wash it later on

what i think is that he never applies oil in hair and due to dry scalp it happened, always use good coconut oil before an hour of taking bath and use a good shampoo.

take half cup coconut oil and 3 cloves of garlic with skin and fry till it burn and use warm and till massage on scalp …. this is really effective..

soak maash ke daal n grind it .. apply this paste on scalp on alternate days .. IA it will vanish like anything

Use curd egg yolk and mustard oil before shower

very simple, but this remedy is to be used in summer only. grind aleo vera n apply on scalp 2 hrs before shampooing

Use curd with few drops of vinegar n mustard hair oil, massage once or twice a week then wash with any shampoo In sha Allah be effective

use olive oil and lemon juice mixed. Equal quantities

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