Cleaning – An Essential Step in Your Beauty Diet


A solid cleaning diet will keep your skin fresh, bright and smear free.

Makeup is more about staying with electricity from Bruce Springsteen, with close attention to finding along with so much attention, often with the idea of ​​following a race season. But during a solid cleaning racing carnival, the diet will keep you free-emptying the paint face face down. As well as choosing a good basis that works with your skin type, it is essential to give the skin a place to breathe. Which is where cleaning comes in.

Why is cleasning so important?

“The purpose of the cleaning is to remove make-up, environmental debris and natural oil which is deposited on the skin surface throughout the day and evenings,” says leather physician James Vivian.

It also preps your skin for other products. “Applying the products on the skin that has been purified and soft entry and therefore efficiency will increase,” Vivian says.

Cleansing promotes the health of skin longer by stimulating the removal of toxic substances along with circulation and massage.

Try the James Vivian Method of Cleanliness:

1. To make the most of your cleanser, first wash your hands. In addition to being clean, it allows your cleanser to focus on dirt and your face oil rather than your hands.

2. Focusing on any areas that can feel rougher in looks or texture or you may feel a little extra cleanliness, cleanser with a small amount of calm or lukewarm water and massage on your skin. Mix your set amount of. This process should last a minimum of 60 seconds before washing with calm or lukewarm water. It is not enough to apply your cleanser only after you wash it off for seconds after you need to give your cleanser really wash your face before you give it the opportunity to remove it.

3. If you’ve been wearing the make-up, then the cleaning process repeats the towel-drying of your skin before a second time.

4. Go to the next step in your skin care routine (sunscreen, moisturizer, gradual …)

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