Clay skin care….Oily Skin Care


Smooth skin.

oily skin smooth and shiny skin is that the skin is well recognized, but more clay several times when there are such problems, such as the skin requires special care, when glads more activity on the skin surface lubrication spreads, the nail, acne, blackheads, there are problems such as stained spots.

Clay skin care.

Face two to three times a day with water Clean.

Night time makeup off well.

Drink eight to ten glasses of water throughout the day, the body maintains freshness.

Take steam twice a week to the face, the pores open well.

Apply face wash once a week, which will provide nourishment for the skin.

Spicy vegetable oil and fat who do not use a lot of things.

Do not put makeup on his face deep, dark make-up turns off the skin, the cells are not getting air and light.

Mud mask is best for control oil on skin.

Prescription for greasy skin .

A teaspoon of honey , half teaspoon lemon juice , mix Apply to face , fifteen to twenty minutes after the face wash with mineral water , honey and lemon skin elements are used to remove grease from the well , they found elements sodium, potassium , acid phosphoric acid , glucose , etc. When you are preventing glads activity .

Two teaspoon of fresh basil leaves paste , a teaspoon of wrinkles on the face sprinkling them together , after ten minutes and wash the face with cold water , basil , it was kind of nice sitting bleach , go to the bottom of it soon clean it , it clears well siwaak dead cells and reduces the impact when glads enthusiast , rose water, skin tonic using this paste daily skin is reduced .

Two fists pop corn ( maize Roasted Hui ) half a cup of milk for fifteen minutes steeper set , then the file thoroughly and remove the hard part , now paste Apply to face and neck , the face after fifteen minutes and throat clean water , pop corn, remove dead cells are well off are also fat and skin , dairy specialty cleaners go deep clean the skin and provides nutrition to the skin , copies of the week twice as fat is reduced .

One egg white mixed with a teaspoon of milk Stir well, sprinkling it on the entire face, the face after ten minutes and wash thoroughly with water, egg whites elements found in the skin thoroughly clean grease are made​​, found that wal-theater element is tight and free of dead cells, it is very useful to make fibers again, brings up positive egg skin. Egg yolk dry skin (dry skin) is also useful.

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