Bridal preparation before merraige


Choose Dress for your marriage.

Eat balance diet. use fruits. like watermelon.

 Every morning eat fruit or fruit juice. Carrot juice for evening.

Dont eat oily or fried food.

Drink a lot water. 10 to 12 glasses daily.

Dont take stress. feel relax.

take vitamins.

Exercise daily.

Take you proper sleep.

Grow your nails.

Floss teeth daily, brush twice daily, use mouthwash.

Take care of your hands and feet 3 months ago.

Manicure Pedicure before marriage.

In winter use moisturiser daily on hands feet

cleans your face and neck after 3 4 days.

Use sunscreen always.

Use Vaseline and lip balm. Dont use long wearing lip stick.


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