8 Budget Beauty Tips and Tricks Every Girl Should Try


A shadow of mascara we have not tried yet; Moisturizer that `a new brand of bus: Half chance, some of us will spend every last percentage that we have on beauty products, always there we need something out there There is a `lip gloss 100% guarantee that` to come shine on the market that will take you away from years’ to stay shiny for up to eight hours. Well, sometimes just enough is not to go around the cats, so here are some budget beauty tips and tricks to help you cut the cost of living beautiful:

1. Vaseline

So doesn`t name just want to be the sight of the most attractive beauty product that can buy money and you do not particularly want to be seen with a deal about it in your handbag, super-sized tub, but Vaseline actually In a cheaper, multi-purpose product. Cheaper than dry lips on cheekbones with a lip gloss and a chapter stick, many expensive, fragrant lip balm and it can be used as a highlighter for your cheekbones.

2. Olive oil

`ve eye makeup remover ends, so there is no need for a trip to the drugstore, just go there in your kitchen. Olive oil works like that and it does a good, natural moisturizer and body lotion as well.

3. Those Kajal Wand Recycle

When your mascara is finished, save the stick. Wash it with warm water and soap and you can use it as a brow brush.

4. Some bandages from Starbucks Liberté

Coffee houses have huge use recycled napkins that they give you with a coffee, curtain paper. When you are there, because when you touch the next time, you need a quick skin for excellent blotting papers to help in doing something to help yourself out of your ordinary people.

5. Use toothpaste white on your fingernails

Nail polish can leave behind the stains on your nails, but your nails will soon be sorted out like that giving a quick scrub with some white toothpaste.

6. Baby Powder for Hair

Do not tear your hair quickly and you will have time to wash it with a light dust of baby powder refreshing. This oil reduces the look and smells very good, but don`t it will be too extreme or it will look the worst condition of Russian.

7. Last drop squeeze

Have you ever wondered how much product you leave in the tube or bottle when you have thrown it out? Be sure to squeeze out every last drop, paid `ve for it. And, a bottle of shampoo, when it starts to run, there is a small amount of warm water added, perhaps you will give another wash.

8. Drink water

It does not matter how many products, the most important and cheapest thing to entice you is that you can live yourself on a bright and healthy looking market to drink plenty of water. Hydrates the water, it wash out the toxins and it keeps your hair and your skin looks fresh and beautiful.



Do not be fooled into buying just the big brands – there are many ways to save money on beauty products and, perhaps, one of the best pieces of advice that we can give. You think that there are many products that you can buy in the store, including beauty products, compared to their content are priced according to their brand label, rather? If you went to visit some factories, you would see the same product coming from the production area, with a well-known, expensive brand name, with a normally labeled bottle of two different ways Another bottles – being bottled in the label The same stuff, different price! I hope you find these budget beauty tips for useful women. How do you save money on beauty products? Feel free to share your own budget beauty tips and tricks in the comments section below.

Have fun and always shine!

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