Janssen whitening/fair Treatment


Here we learn how to give Janssen whitening/fair Treatment

1: Cover your hair.

2: Cleansing with Malafadin Cleansing Powder

3: Refreshing with Malafadin Toner

4: Eye Care with Rich Eye Contour Cream

5: Deep cleansing/peeling with Brightening Exfoliator


Bio-Fruit Gel Exfoliator or Enzyme Peeling Mask with Ocean Mineral Activator

6: Extra Cleansing Normalizing Skin Complex(if required)

7: Ampoule Concentrate with 2-Phase Melafadin Concentrate

alternatively Melafadin Fluid

8: Massage with Brightening Night Restore

Additionally to improve”slipperiness” De-Stress Ampoule

8: Mask with Brightening Mask


Peel Off mask Botanice White or Dermafleece Mask Collagen Fair Skin

9: Conclusion – eye area with Rich Eye Contour Cream/Eye Zone Gel

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